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iPhone Pancake

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I was staying at a friends house in Austin a few weeks ago. We pulled out of the driveway to head to the airport for the flight home. Just before we drove off I realized I didn’t have my iPhone. “Hang on, I forgot my phone.” Then I looked up and saw it lying in the driveway. Yikes! Apparently, as we were loading up the car, my iPhone fell under the car (Ford Edge SUV actually....). When we backed out, we drove right over the phone. It was screen up with a rubber case (iPhone condom from inCase - http://www.goincase.com/products/detail/protective-cover-cl59051/2). I retrieved the phone. The screen was not cracked, but the phone was inert.... dead.... “Shit !” I pushed every button. Nothing. I followed the reset process. Nothing. As we drove to the airport, I was trying to wrap my head around the idea of flying back home and sitting around airports all day without the iPhone. I began rationalizing spending $399 for another iPhone. (I doubt Apple will replace a flattened iPhone.) For some reason we both decided that we should try plugging the phone into power at the same time. I connected the iPhone, not expecting much. After a few seconds the iPhone started booting up!!!! The phone started working again. No problems. The phone was on and fully charged before we ran over it. I am not sure why it shut itself off... Maybe there is a panic function that shuts off the phone when it is subjected to extreme stress like this. Before the pancake incident, the main button was a little sticky. Now it works flawlessly. The phone should last for another few months, when the new iPhone 3.0 is available.

Phil's Predictions for the new iPhone

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WIth Apple's World Wide Developers Conference this week there are many predictions being thrown around. I have no special inside knowledge, but can't resist throwing my guesses into the mix. Yes - Apple will announce a new iPhone at the WWDC this week. It will have improved technical specifications... a camera with better resolution, video capability, 802.11n Wi-Fi, faster processor, bigger memory etc... But the new iPhone won’t be marketed that way... Apple doesn’t allow itself to be put on the “mine is bigger than yours” technology treadmill. The new iPhone will be marketed as something like : “... and now the world’s first video phone in your pocket...” Put the camera on the same side as the main screen, add video capability, add iChat.... We already have Skype for the iPhone. Voila - pocket video phone. The only challenge is the impact on AT&T’s network in the US.... Perhaps it will start out as Wi-Fi only like Skype for the iPhone.... Whatever Apple does, the new iPhone will be sufficiently cool that I will have to get one soon after it comes out. Oh.... one more thing. Steve makes an appearance during the keynote. He may the the “one more thing” of this keynote.