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Metro Wi-Fi Rankings

Novarum has been testing wireless broadband networks in North America for the Novarum Wireless Broadband Review. These rankings are a subset of the results we gathered during testing in Q3 and Q4 of 2006. The rankings on this page describe Metro Wi-F services tested in Q3 and Q4 2006. For combined cellular and Metro Wi-Fi rankings <<click here>>.

Top Ten Metro Wi-Fi Overall Rating

Each of these Metro Wi-Fi networks has a unique personality. The St. Cloud network distinguished itself as the top rated network primarily because it had 100% service availability. St. Cloud delivered good performance all over town, it is easy to use and free. The EarthLink Feather networks feel like a more mature service than most Metro Wi-Fi services. Philadelphia has snappier performance with very low delay, but Anaheim is available in more locations.


Top Ten Metro Wi-Fi Performance Rating

It is important to note that we are testing services in the Novarum Wireless Broadband Review. We are not attempting to isolate the performance of the infrastructure equipment. We are testing services from a user perspective. The performance of these networks is controlled by the service provider. In some cases there is an explicit per user limit on throughput. In other cases, the performance may be constrained simply by the amount of Wi-Fi infrastructure deployed. In our rankings, the best performing network in Toronto had the highest node density and the 10th ranked network had the lowest node density of networks in the list.

Contact us at info@novarum.com for a more detailed description of the Metro Wi-Fi rankings or to learn more about the Novarum Wireless Broadband Review.